Membership or Personal Training

Don’t imagine what you could be. Make it real with a customized personal training session.

To get the most out of your training experience, we recommend signing up for a 48-session package. This plan runs approximately five to six months and includes private boxing instruction, weightlifting, stretching, customized nutrition planning, and a tailored strength and condition plan to help transform your body. Even better, you’ll score a pair of free custom-made AMC Boxing Gym training gloves!

Whether your fitness journey involves losing weight, learning self defense through boxing or any other training goal your mind can conceive – we’ll get you on the road to achieving it.

Call Coach Mercedes at 414-377-1506, or email the gym at


Sessions available for personal training:

(All sessions with Coach Mercedes include boxing training)

100 Sessions (approximately 11-12 months)

48 Sessions (approximately 5-6 months)

36 Sessions (approximately 4-5 months)

24 Sessions (approximately 2-3 months)

16 Sessions (approximately 1-2 months)

Gym Membership Plans

(Does NOT include personal training)

$299 — Monthly Membership*

$3,588 — Yearly Membership. Get 3 month free.

*Boxing competition classes available, call Coach Mercedes for more information. 414-377-1506