Alberto Mercedes/Coach Mercedes.

Alberto Mercedes/Coach Mercedes.

Meet Coach Alberto Mercedes

A Level 5 Master Fitness Trainer and recipient of the Midwest’s Top Trainer Award, former professional boxer Alberto Mercedes is the owner of AMC Boxing Gym. Coach Mercedes is dedicated to helping AMC Boxing Gym clients and AMC Boxing Academy members get their bodies and minds in peak condition.

He’s prepared to work with you to find the champion within through self-discipline and personalized physical training. “My experience as a professional boxer has helped in training my clients to become physically fit,” he said. "My certification as a nutritionist also helps answer clients questions on what to eat, how to use food to maintain weight and stay fit after finishing their customized fitness programs."

Coach Mercedes has received 23 fitness awards throughout his career, including the Midwest's Top Trainer of the Year Award in 2008 for his outstanding results at Bally Total Fitness. 

A firm believer in building a stronger community through fitness, he donates his time to the AMC Boxing Academy to create champions inside and outside the ring. The academy is a non-profit organization designed to help kids in the community develop physical conditioning, self-discipline and learn the sport of boxing. AMC Boxing Academy has received the Milwaukee Small Business Excellence Award in 2016, 2017 and 2018.