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Milwaukee, WI 53207
Hours: Monday - Thursday: 3:30PM - 7:00PM
Friday 3:30PM - 6:30PM
Saturday: 11:00AM - 1:00PM
Sunday: Close
Phone: (414) 377- 1506

PROFESSIONAL BOXING PROMOTER. AMC BOXING PROMOTIONS Professional boxing show coming soon, We will be management in promoting Boxers.

AMC Philosophy

     At AMC Boxing Gym we believe that all community members deserve to participate in the disciplined sport of boxing no matter what their financial status may be. What it takes is motivation, the right plan, consistency, and support. Our aim is to devise the right plan for all boxers that are on a level to compete locally and nationally, but are not able due to financial circumstances. The goal is to have the ability to support each fighter so that negative community influences do not distract boxers from competing locally and internationally as amateur fighters. 


Back in 2009 I decided to set a fitness goal to start the year. I began running on the treadmill often and pushed myself to achieve my best 3 mile run because that is the furthest I ever ran on a regular basis. When I plataued I decided to look into training with a professional who could hopefully help me break through the mental barriers that were keeping me from going further with my training goals. At the sugestion of the manager at Bally Total Fitness, I met with Alberto Mercedez and he gave me a fitness test that lasted about an hour. Fourty-five to fifty minutes into the workout I almost vomited because I had not been pushed to exercise at my personal best in over 3 years. That was awsome! I was hooked on fitness. He never asked me to do anything extreme in any workouts, but they steadily increased in intensity as I progressed in my training regiment. Each new goal we set was completely atainable both mentally and physically because of consistancy, dedication, motivation, enthusiasm, positive attitude, and optimism. We set the goal of running a marathon after approximately 3 months of training. I never actually competed in a full length marathon because I didn’t realize you had to register in advance and all the hooplah surrounding those events was intimidating to me. However, one night when I was running the dog, he just laid down and wouldn’t move anymore because he was too tired. We ran about ten miles and when we were finishing up there was an event at the local High School football field and track, it was a relay for life. I took the dog back home and decided to go back and keep running. So I loaded my ruck-sack with water, honey, apples, in shell peanuts and headed back. I figure I ran about 15 miles on the track that night and kept going untill my legs buckled and I collapsed. I laid down, closed my eyes and drifted into outer space for a few minutes then sipped some water and ate some food. I walked back home, ate some food, and rested. The next morning I woke and wondered if my legs were going to work or not, sure enough I was walking (a little wobbly, but no cramps!) I headed off to the gym to stretch and make sure I didn’t injure myself from pushing my body to the limit. I couldn’t believe it, after a little stretching I jogged and ran a few laps. I even sprinted for a short stretch, but could tell I was pushing it so went back to walking. I was totally shocked at what I had achieved the night before...a personal best run aproximately 19 miles greater than any run I had ever done prior to personal training with Alberto M and begining a personal journey with my Lord and Savior, Jesus. A few months later my wife needed to back out of a 1/2 marathon she had signed up for, so rather than let the experience go to waste I stretched a bit and ran it for her. I started out after everyone had already been running for some time, so I couldn’t see any other runners at first. But after a while I caught up and finished the race! I sprinted the last stretch and started blacking out as I crossed the finish line, that was awsome! Thank you, Alberto for helping me achieve a personal best fitness goal. (I never told him, but when we started out I wanted to compete in a Iron Man competition, however after he started taking me through the training regiment we would need to do for a tri-athalon I figured maybe I should strive for a marathon. I think it helps to set goals high, the highest if be the best. That way you will never fall short of YOUR personal best. God is #1)

Thanks again, friend.

-J. Hunter Ramos
When I started training with Alberto Mercedes.... I weighed 371 pounds.... I trained with him for about 2 years and I lost 128 pounds. The best thing about training with Alberto was finding my own potential. I learned that under all the fat, was an athlete, a competitive and quite capable person. He helped me believe in myself. I was able to lean on him when I was struggling. I became a runner and ran a half marathon. I had tons of energy and such an excitement for life. I moved away for a job opportunity and I am no longer able to train with Alberto. I have had several other personal trainers. No one can even compare to him.... Alberto cares about his clients on another level.

He genuinely has a passion for fitness and it is contagious. He is also able to understand the emotional and mental barriers that many struggle with.

My weight is and has been the greatest battle of my life... and I still continue to struggle to conquer this. I would never ever change my journey to a healthier me, Alberto’s ability to help me see what I could not see in myself, is honestly what keeps me going. I have not and will not ever give up on myself.

- Merrisa Touray
From the very first session, Alberto has continually reminded me that my time with him is about me, and he demonstrates this idea each time I work with him. He has been able to find a perfect balance between challenging me to improve myself, yet making each session memorable and fun. Every session is different, and I look forward to each one! Since starting to work with him, I’ve noticed many changes in both my mental and physical demeanor. He’s helped me to gain confidence through his constant encouragement and I’ve already lost about ten pounds in the short amount of time we’ve worked together! He does this by not just focusing on the time I work with him in the gym, but explaining every aspect of a healthy lifestyle including good nutrition and motivation. Alberto is truly an inspiration and I love working with him!

-Nancy Cattani
When I came to Alberto Mercedes for training, I had made a decision that I wanted to invest in myself. I watched Alberto train others for two years, I seen transformations take place right before my eyes but, for two years, I made up excuses regarding why I should not pay for a personal trainer.
The truth is, I was afraid of my own potential, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep up, and I was lacking the motivation to try. But, I made a decision to try, for me. In the beginning, I could not keep up, I was winded, over weight, and out of shape. But in less than 15 sessions with Alberto, I am able to last a full hour, my body is finding a strength it did not know existed, and the sessions I dreaded to begin with, have become highlights to my day.
Training with Alberto has not only changed the way my body looks, with a 20+ lb weightloss, but it has changed my attitude and perspective toward living a healthy lifestyle. I view myself differently because Alberto has taught me to overcome the obstacle of my mind and to push my body to new limits.
I did not realize when I purchased time with Alberto, I would not only be receiving a trainer but a motivator, a coach and a confidante. I am grateful for the lessons I have learned training with Alberto, as a result, I have learned how to finish strong & believe there are no limits to what I can achieve because I am a champ.
Thanks Alberto!

-Marguerit Galindo