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 2016 WI State Elite, Youth and Junior Tournament. Advancing to Kansas City

Date        October 29th & 30th

                AMC Boxing Gym

                2612 S Greeley Street Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53207

Please contact Angel Villarreal Jr at (414)378-4470 or team.villarrealboxing@gmail.com


AMC Boxing Acadamy

AMC Boxing Academy is a non-profit organization designed to empower children through the disciplines of boxing. The organization uses a holistic approach focusing on academics, physical fitness, and social needs necessary to become a successful citizen. AMC Boxing Academy is committed to serving the community by instilling compassion, commitment, integrity, diversity, and dedication within each boxer. The goal of the Academy is to award all children an opportunity to reap the benefits of boxing and the disciplines that are embedded throughout the program. By donating you are helping young kids in need afford boxing equipment, classes, and fights. 




I have been working out with Alberto and AMC Boxing since they opened. Clearly he gets all of his team in shape and helps them accomplish their fitness goals. Mine, Half Ironman
BUT what impresses me the most, is what Alberto is giving to the community and the young people of Milwaukee. He is teaching them life lessons.  Discipline, commitment, drive, respect and a sense of self worth.  He is forming future champions not only in the boxing ring, but in the ring of life. 
The world needs more Alberto's . 

Johnny D'Agostino



I wish to make you aware of personal observations regarding your Grantee, Alberto Mercedes.

First, I met Mr. Mercedes four years ago and he told me about his dream of having his own boxing gym and training facility for people who wanted to just get in better physical shape.  At the time he was renting gym space with another personal trainer. Mr. Mercedes motivated me to exercise more and then he showed me a large empty space in a warehouse on the near south side near Bay View.  Within months Mr. Mercedes had some weights and mats and a few people working out in his space.  
But then I lost track of my regular workout dates, only to return to Mr. Mercedes at his gym that now had mats, equipment, a full boxing ring with all the safety equipment (bags, gloves, first aid equipment, signage) and a large schedule of boxers and regular workout clients that really surprised me but also made me very happy that his dreams were being realized. This led me to believe that Mr. Mercedes could visualize his dreams and put them in place on the ground.  He has not looked back since, and has a very promising future, both near term in business and longer term in the community.     

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.  My office number is (414) 272-3661.  

Attorney David Bordow
219 North Milwaukee Street, Suite 2b
Milwaukee, WI 53202