At AMC Boxing Academy we believe that all community members deserve to participate in the disciplined sport of boxing no matter what their financial status may be. What it takes is motivation, the right plan, consistency, and support. Our aim is to devise the right plan for all boxers that are on a level to compete locally and nationally, but are not able due to financial circumstances. The goal is to have the ability to support each fighter so that negative community influences do not distract boxers from competing locally and internationally as amateur fighters. 
At AMC Boxing Academy we will educate and support all boxers around the importance of eating healthy, staying educated, and acting as a positive role-model throughout the community to promote the disciplines taught within the sport of boxing. 
AMC Boxing Academy specializes in teaching its boxers sport-specific conditioning programs that meet the needs of each individual boxer. These programs are designed to help educate boxers about proper workout routines and benefits of daily exercise participation. We help youth and adult community members achieve weight loss goals, self-discipline habits, and responsibility through the boxing regimen. Our experience, education, and commitment to urban youth and adults has set us apart from other boxing gyms. AMC Boxing Academy is committed to changing the lives of its boxers so they can be positive role models throughout the community.